In the world of professional wrestling, the audience’s song is popular: “You still have it!”The arenas show it when a fan favorite returns to the show after a long absence or for a special occasion when an older veteran returns to the Ring and shows the vividness of his glorified youth. Moviegoers have been singing Sylvester Stallone in their own way for more than 15 years, since his return from Rocky Balboa. Samaritan is just another opportunity to give such crowd-pleasing compliments.

Directed by Julius Avery (Overlord), Samaritan creates a post-heroic sequel scene in a fictional granite city. Echoing a faded legend told by a teenager named Sam Cleary (Javon Walton from Euphoria) and animated for the opening of a comic book movie, the heroic Champion of the city, Samaritan, seemed to have died after defeating his mortal enemy Nemesis in a disastrous and devastating confrontation twenty years ago. None of the wrestlers have been seen since the city has fallen on hard times due to the power vacuum caused by their double departure.

The legacy of Nemesis inspired the sublime and uncontrollable crime, currently controlled by the brutal and daring leader Cyrus (the imposing Pilu Asbek From Overlord and Game of Thrones), his deadly Lieutenant Seal (Sophia Tatum from Riverdale) and his subordinates. Meanwhile, the absence of the Samaritan undermined the living hope that he embodied in the tragic myth that we hear from the narrators. While others give up and feel leaved, Sam idolizes the old Samaritan ideals and feeds his Fandom By choosing the brain of a local writer (Martin Starr). He and his adoptive mother Tiffany (Dasha Polanco from Orange-Noir) live in this salary mud in a dilapidated gated community.

One day, when Sam has become a target and has been hit by one of Cyrus’ thugs named Rex (Moises Arias from Kings of Summer), a burly neighbor named Joe (Stallone) comes to his aid, who shows more strength and invulnerability than average.action against thugs.. Grateful and respectful, Sam is convinced that Joe is a long-lost Samaritan. Sam begins to get attached to this beggar and this old master of technology in the hope of finding the truth and hope.

Lesson N° 1: Singles have their own reasons for hiding: Joe doesn’t really like this baby Tagalong or the possibility of being exposed in public at first. In this character, Stallone, literally and figuratively, suffers painful losses from the past on every inch of his great body, from the slow walking and the bad voice to the scars of burnt flesh on the body itself. The actor brilliantly interprets these character traits. Joe has his reasons for hiding, and they are more serious than Sam can imagine. Of course, it all depends on whether these causes are good or bad for the person and the community you occupy.

Lesson N° 2: Good and bad care: like the stray dogs they meet, Sam becomes a good influence on Joe, who acts in parallel with the pressure of Cyrus’ gangs. Joe helps Sam learn to stand up for himself and defend himself as the iron in his heart slowly melts in the presence of a truly believing man who encourages him to participate in the riots of the city. This distinct relationship between Joe and Sam is more at the heart of Samaritan than the overpowering misdeeds.

Lesson N ° 3: The choices you make Add up – The Samaritan Walking, written by bragi F. Schut (The Escape room, The witch season), skillfully slows down the peak of turning points. Cyrus’ destructive influence must stop and Joe can no longer remain passive or neutral while everyone’s safety is on the verge of another collapse. When Joe rekindles this inner fire, he knows that it is a furious Flame, a Flame that is not easy to stop and the kind of heat that amplifies old sins. From this place on the legendary long broken road, the Samaritan triggers a climatic turning point for the ages that changes everything.

Press ELO because we are going to The Autopsy. If necessary, Stallone is always an awkward model of an action movie screen presence. Starting with small collisions and ending with a real fall, he and his two stunt doubles (Freddie Poole and Mark R. Miscione) go through the actions of Action coordinator Michael Lehr (extraction) and stunt coordinator Justin Yu (day shift) to inflict a barrage of bouncing in a hail of bullets. Anyway, this grand Finale and the impressive twist it contains also happens in the Film afterwards, without prolonged exploration of its intense impact. A fascinating and unique drama remained on the table.

All in all, we have to ask ourselves if we really should be more surprised by Sylvester Stallone. Back at the squared circle, there’s a subsection of the wrestling fandom that includes the chant “you’ve always understood!”exaggerated, condescending and forgiving towards those who are full of verbal insults. These Fans say that top legends, regardless of their age, have nothing to prove and have never lost it from the beginning. Maybe you’re right.

Even now, at 76, having overcome his own peaks and recessions, Sly remains a proven Talent and a favorite. Probably, it will not break anything and you will never take it off. However, this author has the feeling that “you still have it!”Stallone’s respect as an artist in his own right always deserves to be recognized. Thanks to the series “Rocky” and “Rambo”, most of them immediately switch to muscles. The peculiarity is that “Samaritan” shows how much Sylvester Stallone still offers as an actor, which has nothing to do with the disfigured body shape that made him famous.

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