Another Golden Oldie from my old movie blog. Have a great time! Summer is just beginning; in terms of cinema, I mean. Every year, from the beginning of May to the end of August, a large number of films from different film studios are screened with great “pomp” and carry in them (under certain circumstances) an inherited desire for success. From kid-friendly animations to raunchy comedies, big-budget superhero movies, ultra-hype movies and hidden sleepers, we usually always expect to go to the movies in the summer.

To kick off the 2014 summer movie extravaganza, Sony Pictures and director Mark Webb are now offering viewers a sequel to the 2012 Spider-Man blockbuster with the fantastic Spider-Man 2. does the next chapter of Spidey fit the occasion or does it fall?is he in the dark of a summer cinema?


The plot takes place some time after the events of “The awesome Spider-Man”, the life of a superhero has become Routine for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). He takes care of the bad guys and protects the city while living a normal life. trying to stay one step ahead of his Aunt (Sally Fields) and struggle with the promise he made to his long-distance relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who also struggles with her relationship with Peter and his human alter Ego – a spider. At the same time, Max Dillion (Jamie Foxx), a socially disadvantaged and underrated electrical engineer From Oscorp, accidentally falls into a tank of electrified eels and is reborn as Electro, a powerful man capable of controlling and conducting electricity. While The appearance of Electro is a new enemy for Spider-Man, Peter’s old friend returns to New York. Harry Osborne, The heir presumptive Of Oscorp Corporation, dies of a hereditary problem from which his after father Norman Osborne (Chris Cooper) died. Harry believes that Spider-Man’s blood sample is his medicine, which leads Peter to discover the truth about his parents’ secret bond with Oscorp; putting himself in a difficult position that affects not only his life, but also that of Gwen, Harry and Electro.


This Film is the second episode since the reboot of the Spider-Man Franchise (only the fifth episode) in which young actors play the main roles, because the Film tells about the origins and the first events of the beloved hero of New York. This is an interesting version of the reboot, but in the end it seems a little pointless. In the original Spider-Man Trilogy, starring Tobey McQuire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, there were some awkward and/or mundane moments in the movies (all dancing in Spider-Man 3), but they were on the same level.satisfied many viewers. Perhaps it was too early to restart the Franchise, because the old and the new Version are somewhat similar to each other: the hero wanders the network in New York, finds love, tries to be normal, of course, and thwarts the maniacal supervillains. It was not a big step forward in the form of a reinvention of Spider-Man, as in Batman from Batman and Robin 1997 to Batman: early 2005, and maybe that’s the mistake. With the exception of a younger cast and updated visuals, the original Spider-Man movies (Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3) and the fantastic Spider-Man (1 and 2) seem vaguely the same. never really distinguishable from each other.

Like Iron Man 2, the Film also spends too much time preparing for future releases, which stalled when laying the foundations. Against the background of the preparation of the third and fourth Films and the discussion of an additional product (a film based on villains with the participation of the Sinister Six), the need to include in this Film some hints and clues about these future films almost cancels the narrative and sometimes becomes unnecessary. An excellent example of this is the appearance of the evil rhinoceros, played by Paul Gomati. A role that looks more like an episodic role is good, and there is an intention, but the question is, why is all this necessary? It seems unnecessary, and his scene in a mechanical rhino costume offers nothing new compared to what viewers have already seen in the promotional trailers for the Film (which was definitely his great discovery). There is also the fact that the “big surprise” that occurs towards the end of the film has been widely reported and almost confirmed since the beginning of the film’s production. If you know the Spider-Man comics, or at least if you know his canon (like me), then you understand what I’m talking about. All the hype around this event has been going on everywhere (on various websites and in movie reviews in advance) and somehow creates a surprise when it happens. For me, this is what I expected, but it would have been cooler and more surprising if the Studio hadn’t pulled the “cat out of the bag” so early, if at all.

Of course, apart from The Action, the greatest strength of the film lies in the familiar affairs of the heart. The chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone returning as Gwen Stacy is incredible, as their off-screen relationship gives their characters considerable weight and credibility in moments of joy and sadness. It is also interesting to watch Peter’s ongoing struggle, haunted by the passed away of Gwen’s father from the first Film, as well as Peter’s tense parental relationship with Aunt May, played by Sally Fields. The performance of Harry Osborne, which was completely omitted in the previous Film, is presented in this Film, and Peter and Harry’s relationship is similar to deja Vu, but this should be expected during the reboot. Harry played the Danish Dehan, the most famous of the newsreels, who was really scary from start to finish, but created a much better character than James Franco’s portrayal of the character From The Original Trilogy.

Final thoughts

Spider-Man is back in “The awesome Spider-Man 2”; a bigger sequel than his previous films, offering a lot of Fanfare and pomp to everyone’s favorite hero. Unfortunately, as with many sequels, the term “the more the better” does not always work, because the Film seems cluttered with several scenarios that have already been revealed before the film’s release), in some ways, like a superhero nature of the film. Still, in a feature film there is enough superhero lightness and dramatic shots (both in the front and in the back and after editing) to make it interesting, but it is a difficult and proven choice for the viewer who loves it. Thus, the similarity with the great Spider-Man 2 is divided in the middle. The real question Is how does this Movie compare to the rest of this year’s summer movie? All right? Is it bad? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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